It’s common for new business owners to attempt to handle all tasks when they first launch their company. After all, they haven’t made any money yet and may honestly feel they can do everything. As the company grows, essential but non-income producing tasks such as bookkeeping can pile up because the owner has no time to devote to them. Unfortunately, that can create a financial disaster. If you can relate to this scenario, we encourage you to consider how outsourcing bookkeeping will help your business grow and remain efficient.

Outsourcing Bookkeeping Helps to Avoid the Appearance of Conflict of Interest

Bookkeeping errors can be easy to make when you haven’t received the proper training. That is true for anyone, even a business partner tasked with keeping the company’s books. Even so, people may come to their own conclusions that it wasn’t an error at all and that the business partner attempted to fix the books to put himself or herself in a better financial position.

By outsourcing bookkeeping to an organization not affiliated with the company, you can prevent these types of errors from happening in the first place, and people from even entertaining the possibility of conflict of interest. You have the assurance of knowing the third-party bookkeeping service will provide you with accurate, unbiased accounting statements.

Reduced Cost Compared to In-house Bookkeeping

Hiring a bookkeeper to work onsite at your company can be a considerable expense, especially a full-time employee who would also expect benefits. It’s important to consider that you need to pay this person an hourly wage or set salary even during slow periods that require minimal bookkeeping tasks. The benefit of outsourcing bookkeeping is that you only pay for the services you need when you need them. We think you will be pleasantly surprised when you compare the cost of hiring a full-time or part-time bookkeeper with outsourcing the task to a company like Capital Business Strategies.

Professional Financial Advice on an Ongoing Basis

While an onsite employee may become emotionally invested in the management of company finances, this will not occur with a neutral company managing your bookkeeping tasks. That means you can count on a representative from an outsourced bookkeeping company to give you impartial advice on the financial position of your company.

If you need to make changes, your representative will tell you without fear of upsetting you. He or she will also point out inconsistencies or other issues that an in-house employee might let slide. You work in a client-contractor relationship when outsourcing bookkeeping as opposed to a boss-employee relationship.

The Expertise You Need Regardless of the Size of Your Business

Capital Business Strategies has the experience and resources available to move your company into its best financial position whether it is one week old or a large corporation that has existed for decades. You will soon find out that we do things differently here. From paying you $250 in the unlikely event we miss a tax deadline, to offering a discounted pricing structure for businesses less than two years old, there’s nothing typical about us. Please contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.